Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wonder what a fire at an oil terminal port looks like? there's one happening now

Fire at Libyan oil port destroys up to 1.8 million barrels of crude

ReutersBy Ayman al-Warfalli and Ulf Laessing December 30, 2014   h/t Raven Moon

BENGHAZI, Libya/CAIRO (Reuters) - A fire raging for almost a week at Libya's biggest oil port of Es Sider has destroyed up to 1.8 million barrels of crude and damaged seven storage tanks, causing total damage of $213 million, a top oil official said on Tuesday.....

....Thinni's top oil official, al-Mabrook al-Buseif, told Reuters the fire had damaged seven tanks and destroyed up to 1.8 million barrels of crude - roughly four times Libya's daily production.
Two tanks have collapsed and two others are still on fire.....    read more here

Buncefield fire:

The Buncefield fire was a major conflagration caused by a series of explosions on 11 December 2005 at the Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal,[1] an oil storage facility located near the M1 motorway in Hertfordshire, England.


more pictures here

Buncefield compilation, articles and pictures: Guardian


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