Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Failure of Department of Ecology

We learned yesterday that on December 1, the Department of Ecology sent the Draft 2014 Marine & Rail Transportation Study to the legislature without anyone’s comments attached. 

As you know, they gave December 1, 5 PM as the deadline for comments.  Thousands of people attended hearings; thousands, representing tens of thousands sent in comments.

The vast majority of comments felt the study was woefully inadequate.  It is unacceptable for Ecology to have excluded Washington citizens’ concerns.  We urge you to send your Study comments to your state legislators.  You might preface your communication with your displeasure that Ecology failed to let our legislators know the concerns and wishes of their constituents.

Find your legislators contact info here.  We also urge you to write Dale Jensen and tell him that he must send all comments to the legislature now!  The “Focus Paper” Ecology has put out about the study, does not reflect the majority of people’s wishes:  putting a moratorium on marine and rail transport.

Jensen's contact info:  

Dale Jensen
Spills Program Manager
Department of Ecology
State of Washington
United States of America
360-407-7450 work
360-790-8143 cell 


  1. Unbelievable. Why 18,000 comments were not read or referred to and addressed appropriately. Seems like public comment means absolutely nothing to the King's men. I thought this was a democracy? What a lot of B.S--and I don't mean bean soup. A fake study based on fake premises that allow for the destruction of our state while citizens' lives and livelihoods are on the line. Isn't anyone else concerned about all the money our state is forking out to bring crude oil through? Poising us for disaster--assisting BNSF and BIG OIl to pollute our land and water...add a few new salaries$, new positions$, new prevention$, new and improved (fake) response. Dollars and Cents--just what are we spending? Who will answer that? Yet, we can't get the school funding right? Can we? The list of unfunding goes on and on... My apologies for digressing-however it's all part of the same web being spun to keep the plebians at bay. Surely total cost to this state should be included in this "farcical safety study." A fake study, which, as I alluded to in my my pointless "governor" letter-- allows them to ask for more money to pollute, maim and kill us. Yes, that certainly makes sense. I'm sorry, we have mistaken our governor, our legislators, our Dept. of Ecology, our Port, our Hoquiam City Administrator, all in the King's Foresst, as people who might just possibly give a
    shit, or open their ears and eyes to the reality of this coming disaster, especially for Grays Harbor. Truly, the insanity of this, if one truly investigates, is enough to drive a reasonably sane person over the edge.
    Simply flabbergasted--even more so because our governor remains silent as if he doesn't know anything dangerous is going on! And on...and on...and so it goes. Another day in the life of the unrich and infamous citizens of Grays Harbor. Foiled again by the Kingdom. We only thought we were giving relevant testimony.

  2. The curtain has to be torn down, and the charade exposed. Even if they have the power to ignore and dismiss- we have the power to call them on it LOUD and clear. They can be tyrants- but they can't pretend to a just process at the same time! Their game is much too thin and puerile for belief.