Friday, December 12, 2014

Obama Admin Muzzles Climate Science/ Hood River Passes CBR Resolution

Yves Smith and Steve Horn     Naked Capitalism     11 Dec 2014   

The fact that Team Obama is gagging its climate scientists should come as no surprise. First, the Administration is obsesses with secrecy and image-management, as its extremely aggressive posture on classifying records and prosecuting leakers attests. Second, Administration climate policy is founded on a Big Lie. As Gaius Publius has written at length, its greenhouse gas measures exclude methane, the most potent greenhouse gas. That omission favors fracking, which fails the "clean green" test when you factor in methane releases. And that's before you factor in contamination of water supplies.... read more here


Hood River City Council passes resolution opposing coal, oil transport

By Kirby Neumann-Rea    December 9, 2014  Hood River News

Citing threats to public safety and the Gorge economy, Hood River City Council passed a resolution Monday calling for a ban on coal and oil transports through the Gorge.
Councilor Kate McBride drafted the resolution, with input from the Columbia Gorge Climate Action Network, which had several members present at Monday’s meeting.
“The city supports economic growth that does not jeopardize the City of Hood River’s commitment to fight the serious impacts of climate change,” states the first “Be It Resolved” of the detailed, five-page resolution.
The resolution notes that “because the rail alignment runs through our downtown area, the impact of existing and proposed oil trains is potentially catastrophic in terms of loss of life and devastation of the City of Hood River community, environment and economy.” .... read more here

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