Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Oregon's Lagging Oil Spill Plan/ Clean Energy Provides More Jobs


Oil train risks: Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber moving slowly to address them; plan still lacks details

By Rob Davis   The Oregonian  12/08/14

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber is moving – slowly – to address the yawning readiness gaps for the mile-long trains hauling millions of gallons of volatile crude oil across the state.

More than two years after oil began moving in unprecedented volumes on Oregon's railroads, Kitzhaber still has not offered a formal plan to address spill risks through Bend, along Upper Klamath Lake and the Deschutes River, one of the state's most treasured recreational areas.

Traffic is increasing through Central Oregon, a key connection between North Dakota's oil fields and California's market. The trains introduced risks that, by now, are well known....

... Oregon doesn't have spill response blueprints in some areas. Others are a decade old and don't anticipate spills with the volumes currently moving. The gaps increase the likelihood that the initial hours and minutes of any event will be plagued by confusion, causing environmental damage that could potentially be avoided.....  read more here

Tuesday, December 2, 2014    • Chris Rose     DeSmogCanada
Canada’s rapidly developing green energy industry has seen investments of more than $24 billion in the past five years while employment in the sector increased by 37 per cent during the same period, according to a report released Tuesday by Clean Energy Canada.

According to the report, impressive growth in the emerging sector has been achieved despite frustratingly inadequate federal support on things such as tax incentives and research promotion.

Surging employment growth last year in the clean energy sector — encompassing manufacturing, power production, energy efficiency and biofuels — accounted for more direct Canadian jobs than in the oilsands, the report added.   Read more


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