Wednesday, December 3, 2014

GH Port money proposed as Federal Match to build a bridge over train tracks


Info from Liz Ellis:

Grays Harbor Port Authority is holding a final public open house to talk about 3 proposed options for constructing an overpass and roundabout to provide access to the Gateway Mall when train traffic blocks access off of Highway 12.

No doubt the urgency of constructing such a project is part of accommodating increased oil freight. But isn't this project putting the cart before the horse when the future of oil is still up in the air?

Considering the Port and the City of Aberdeen only have so much ability to provide matching funds, is constructing  an expensive access to the mall the best use of local public dollars over flood control or improving surface water management or investing in making port facilities more attractive to future tenants?

Shouldn't the Mall and their tenants be at least helping to pay for this "improvement"?

The open house is at the Rotary Log Pavilion Wednesday December 17th from 5-7pm. Let's find out if this project really adds up to a public benefit or a misuse of public funds for private gain. 

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