Thursday, December 11, 2014

Haida music video opposes pipeline/ Cromnibus sets new DOT deadline for CBR rules

Haida group animates pipeline opposition using stop motion and music

Kinnie Starr lends voice to Haida Gwaii campaign against Enbridge Northern Gateway

By Kim Wheeler, CBC News     Dec 03, 2014             h/t Tammy!

A new music video featuring the music of Kinnie Starr has stop-motion wood carved characters confronting Prime Minister Stephen Harper, depicted on a super tanker travelling around Haida Gwaii.

Haida Raid 3: Save Our Waters was released this week, in response to the December 2013 recommended approval of the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway.

The video is a collaboration of activism and culture, produced by the Haidawood collective, who make stop motion animation featuring Haida culture and language.....   

....According to the Indiegogo campaign that Haidawood launched, “the people of Haida Gwaii oppose both the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and the introduction of oil tanker traffic to the northwest coast of Canada.”...     read more here

US spending bill would speed up crude-by-rail rule, stem more product reserves

Washington (Platts)--10Dec2014                      

The US Department of Transportation would face a January 15 deadline to issue its long-awaited crude-by-rail safety regulations, under a must-pass spending bill crafted by Republican and Democratic lawmakers from both chambers of Congress.

The $1.1 trillion bill also would restrict the US Department of Energy from creating any crude product reserves without the consent of the congressional appropriations committees.

In addition, it would block the US Fish and Wildlife Service from listing the greater sage grouse and three other grouse species as a threatened or endangered species for a year, opening up significant acreage in the Western US to oil and gas development.

Those three measures are among several riders attached to the bill, which must pass to keep the federal government open past Thursday....    read more here

UPDATE 1-North Dakota rules to tame volatile crude before rail shipment

(Adds final standards and regulatory vote)

By Ernest Scheyder     Reuters    Dec 9, 2014

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