Thursday, November 27, 2014

Vancouver Energy: A History Of Subterfuge

  In Our View: A History Of Subterfuge

Typo on mailer may be honest mistake, but oil terminal backers fail to inspire trust

The Columbian  November 23, 2014

As anybody in the newspaper business can attest, typos happen.
Those would be typographical errors, and they have been around essentially since the advent of written languages. A dropped letter here, an added word there, and a reporter or editor could find themselves in a difficult situation....

... Propaganda is part of the game, and the parties that make up Vancouver Energy — Tesoro Corp. and Savage Companies — have every right to try to sway public opinion. But, in the process, they managed to obfuscate the facts. The flier boasts that the projected annual tax revenue generated by the terminal would be $2 billion. That is more than a bit misleading, considering that annual tax revenue is projected to be $7.8 million — or roughly 0.4 percent of $2 billion. The $2 billion, it turns out, is the projected economic value of the terminal during construction and the first 15 years of operation....

... the companies involved with Vancouver Energy have demonstrated a long history of subterfuge. And it didn't take a typo on a mailer to reveal that.    read article here

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