Saturday, November 15, 2014

2014 Marine and Rail Oil Transport Study- what we can do now

Check out the Dept. of Ecology Newsletter:  

Washington Oil Observer    "features information on the ever-changing oil transportation picture in our state"

The November issue covers the public hearings in Spokane and Olympia on the 2014 Marine and Rail Oil Transportation Study, and features a quote from our own Jude Armstrong!

“Estuaries are very vulnerable to oil spills. The fisheries industry in the state would suffer grave consequences if oil should befoul an estuary, such as Grays Harbor.”
- Jude Armstrong

From Evergreen Islandswhat you can do now

We expect transport of oil by train and vessel to be a hot topic at Washington State’s 2015 legislative session—and your state legislators need to know where you stand! Click on the following link to Find Your Legislator.

We have the power to build our individual stories, concerns, and focus into a unified and powerful voice. Below are four high-level key messages:
  •   Say Yes to action! Our state leaders can and should take concrete action to protection Washington now. Through the legislature, our state can act now by delivering on our right to know how much and what type of oil is coming through our communities and to strengthen rules to protect our waters.
  •  Say No to terminals – we can do better.
  •  Say No to the cumulative impacts of oil and coal. From vessels to trains – the impact of oil and coal pose serious threats to our communities, health, economy, and water.
  •  Say Yes to solutions for clean energy. It’s time for Washington to lead on safe, renewable clean energy solutions.
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