Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend News Round-up

 Leading off~
Doug Barker has weighed in on the Oil proposals in a powerful editorial in The (Occasional) Daily World: Oil and the Harbor don't mix.

Joe Smyth of Grist sent out this note: 

 photos posted here of a coal train derailment in Bowie, Maryland - please feel free to use or share 
I also put up a quick blog with the images 

From The International Business Times
Payne, Lynchburg’s city manager, has lived in the area for 13 years and said he didn’t know trains were carrying oil through the bustling downtown district until the derailment this week.“But I don’t know what’s on the tractor trucks going through the city every day either,” Payne said. “What would we do if we did know?”
“If anything’s going to be changed, it’s going to have to be changed at the federal level or maybe the state level. I know I have no authority over those railroads.”

As Washington environmental regulators start wrestling with the safety of new and larger fuel terminals along the Pacific Coast, some residents in southwest Washington communities are getting restless — with worries about the safety of crude oil shipped by rail to refineries and shipping docks.

Motherboard brings us  

When Crumbling Infrastructure Actually Crumbles

Freight rail transport on the United States' densely packed East Coast is anchored by a single rail line belonging to the CSX corporation. There are other rail lines in the East, of course, but this one, hugging Interstate 95 from Florida to New Jersey while connecting ocean ports, population centers, and the rest of the country's goods transportation network, is truly special. When the line reaches Maryland, just a little ways south of Baltimore, it's occupying the same route that once supported America's very first (real) railway, the Baltimore and Ohio. This is about where things go to shit.

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