Monday, May 26, 2014

GUEST EDITORIAL Where is our Governor?

via The Vidette -by Carol Seaman

While some, myself included, may not feel warm & fuzzy reading visceral analyses of the oil projects & those certain citizens’ fight against the doom, gloom, death and destruction of Grays Harbor County– it speaks truths–volumes. We, all need to wake up! We have hashed over the muriad of reasons the proposed 2.7 billion gallons yearly–crude oil by rail–should not come here; we have compiled statistics proving it’s a bad idea; we have shown informational power points on dangers of bringing this Bakken crude oil through communities; we have written letters to the editor; we have written to our congressmen; we have drawn pictures; we have made flyers & signs, t-shirts and buttons; we have put our hearts into this issue for all the right reasons; we have run a non-partisan candidate for Port Commissioner; now a candidate for County Commissioner. We’ve made public comment–several times. We have gone door to door warning Grays Harbor that the sky is falling–don’t miss the metaphor!After more than a year, is all this rhetoric accomplishing anything? Are we talking to the right people?

Go read more at the link. Carol is on fire!

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