Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ten days

We have ten days left in the Scoping Comments period. Robin sends this:

I just sent in two scoping comments.  Each comment gets a number.  There have only been 152 comments sent by email so far.  I know many of us wrote out comment cards.  But we have to keep the momentum up on this process.  They are not going to be moved by protests, parades, or press coverage.  That stuff is for us, for our morale and entertainment.  And is important. But we still have to inundate the EIS with lots of problems to be addressed.  The railroad is going to make this track sparkle and shine, a showcase of "Safety is our first priority" propaganda.  Then watch the mayors fall back in the pro-business line.  We have to force them to admit to all the other, non-railroad, dangers. 
Ten Days. What will you do with them? Please leave your brilliant comment here.

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