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WDOT. Charged with planning a multimodal transportation system. It acts as conduit for state and federal transporation dollars. It has an office of Freight Strategy and Policy. Freight Systems Division. Barb Ivanov, Freight Systems Director. Also. Kerri Woehler, Rail Operations. Program Manager. 705.6902.

WUTC. Responsible for rail safety. The rail group is part of the safety and consumer protection division. Works with FRA to inspect rail shipments of hazardous materials. There are 300 inspection points in the state including shippers' facilities, railroad yards and terminals. Director of Safety and Consumer Protection is vacant on organizational chart. Rail Manager is Kathy Hunter. 664-1257. Bob Boston is Railroad Carrier Specialist. 664-1264. There are twenty-five railroads operating in Washington state. Two first class: BNSF and UPRR. The UTC fined BNSF $105,000 for seven crossing defects on February 25, 2013. Bob Johnson (664-1235) He is responsible for FRA railroad hazardous materials inspections. David Pratt is Assistant Director of Transportation Safety.

FMSIB. Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board. Created in 1998 to lessen impacts of freight movement on local communities and facilitate efficient/profitable movement. Karen Schmidt is ED 586-9695. 1063 Capitol Way, Rm. 201. O. 98504-40965. Ten member board. Dan Gatchet is Chair (trucking background). Terry Finn is

CERB. Department of Commerce. Jane (725-3151) and
Dawn Eychaner@commerce. (725-4052). 1011 Plum SE. O. 98502. Grants and loans to create/maintain jobs. $1 million dollar loan to Port of Longview to construct a second rail line for processing newly imported cars. Upcoming rail projects?

DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY. This agency is responsible for spill prevention and is a part of the national spill response project. NW Area Contingency

Dale Jensen gave a presentation to the Port of Grays Harbor. He is listed as Program Manager, Depart of Ecology. (407-7450). Spill prevention, preparedness and response plan. Crude by rail not taxed. Less regulatory authority over rail. Oil characteristics unknown. Gaps between rail companies and “state adopted incident command system.”

Ecology sponsored a two day workshop in April 2013 on Alberta Old Sands.

Danielle Bustick, David Byers, Robert Carrell, Linda Pilkey-Jarvis from Ecology participated in the two day workshop.


Created by the Shoreline Management Act (RCW 90.58) as an independent agency, the Board hears appeals (petitions for reviews) from permitting decisions by local governments and/or Department of Ecology. A decision by the Board can be appealed to the Superior Court or appellant can ask for a reconsideration by the Board.

Board members: Tom McDonald, Kathleen D. Mix, Joan Marchioro and Pamela Krueger (DNR), Rob Gelder (Assn of Counties), Mary Alice Burleigh (Assn of Cities).

Administrative Judges: Kay M. Brown and Kristie C. Elliott. Administrative Manager, Paulette Yorke


P0 Box 43172. 1300 S. Evergreen Park Dr. SW. Olympia. 98504-3172.

Created in 1970 as a one stop for licensing of large energy projects. (RCW 80.50). EPA delegated authority for the Council to issue permits under Water Pollution Control Act and Clean Water Act. Also ensures response to nuclear plants. Staff are part of the UTC.

BOARD. Bill Lynch (Chair), Liz Green-Taylor (Commerce), Cullen Stephenson (Ecology), Fish and Wild life (Joe Stohr), DNR (Andrew Hayes), UTC (Dennis Moss).

Several were added to the Board due to Port of Vancouver plans for oil terminal from Clark County, the City, the Port and DOT.

1300 S. Evergreen Park S. PO Box 43172. Olympia 98504. Sonja Bumpus is EFS Specialist with regard to Rail expansion by Tesoro/Savage at th Port of Vancouver. 664-1363.

Final decision rests with the Governor.

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