Thursday, May 29, 2014

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Runaway Train: The Reckless Expansion of Crude-by-Rail in North America
This report (pdf) tracks the rise of crude-by-rail in North America, detailing where crude trains are being loaded and unloaded, how many trains carrying crude oil are crossing the North American continent, and who is involved in this burgeoning trade.
This report is the first in a series covering North America’s booming crude-by-rail industry and is being published in conjunction with a unique interactive online map of crude-by-rail
terminals and potential routes.

Interactive Map and Report on Oil-By-Rail, "Booming Bomb Train Industry"
A new report and website released today by Oil Change Internationalprovides a comprehensive overview of the current oil-by-rail industry in North America and it isn’t a pretty picture.
The report and interactive map of the “booming bomb train industry” capture the alarming scope of this very recent development.  As the report points out, 70 times as much oil was moved by rail in 2014 as there was in 2005. That rapid expansion is continuing, placing more North American communities at risk.  

Oil By Rail - Week of Action

On July 6th of last year, a train carrying explosive Bakken crude oil derailed in Lac-Megantic Quebec and the end result was a town was destroyed and 47 people died.  On July 6th of this year, activists across North America will be commemorating that tragic event and working to raise awareness about the growing dangers to people and the environment posed by the massive expansion of moving crude oil by rail.  

Wyoming governor to visit Washington to push for coal ports
via Seattle Times
Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead heads to Washington state next week to push for access to ocean ports to allow export of Wyoming coal to Asia even as many Northwest politicians and residents voice
increasing concern about the effects of burning coal on global

Mead, a Republican who says he’s skeptical global warming is caused by humans, has made trade missions to Asia and is eager to start exports from Wyoming...(snip)...
Renny MacKay said the governor doesn’t intend to visit with Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat who has expressed concerns about the prospect of exporting coal to Asia through the state.

Minnesota imposes safety fee on railroads

via Great Falls Tribune

ST. PAUL, Minn. – In the wake of fiery derailments in Canada and North Dakota, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton on Tuesday signed into law a measure requiring railroad and oil pipeline companies operating in the state to help pay for training and programs to prepare for emergencies.
The law empowers the state to collect a total of $2.5 million annually from railroad and oil pipeline companies until July 1, 2017. That money will help first responders get ready for derailments and spills involving oil and other hazardous substances.

That news is a relief to Scott Braith, chief of the volunteer fire department in Staples, Minnesota, a town of about 2,900 on a major freight line which sees 70 to 100 trains a day, some carrying crude oil from North Dakota's Bakken shale fields.

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  1. $2.5 million per YEAR for first responder training? chump change