Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hoquiam Mayor calls for moratorium on all future oil facilities in city

By Kyle Mittan The Daily World
Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney has asked the Hoquiam City Council to impose a moratorium on future oil facilities in the city, he announced in a memorandum on Wednesday afternoon. Durney also asks the council to consider an amendment to its land use plan “to forbid wholesale liquefied petroleum facilities in any zone within the city of Hoquiam.” The moratorium, which he implores the council to enact immediately, will apparently not affect planned facilities by Westway Terminals, Imperium Renewables and US Development Group LLC, allowing those port tenants’ applications to move forward. If those companies decided not to proceed with their current permitting process, however, they would not be able to establish oil facilities in the future.

Hoquiam may take the “safe route” on crude by rail

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Durney said they cannot change the past, referring to the ongoing permit process of three proposed facilities at the Port, but he hopes to change the future by removing the current port properties from the “market for crude oil storage and sales.” adding that “Because Westways Terminals, Imperium Renewables, and US Development have vested rights in their applications for these facilities, we cannot change the past. We are required to evaluate these projects based upon the City, State and Federal laws, rules and regulations that were in place at the time the applications were submitted. However, we can change the future! ”
I sent a letter today from
Citizens for a Clean Harbor
P.O. Box 35
Hoquiam, WA 98550
Mayor Jack Durney
City Hall
608 8th Street
Hoquiam, WA 98550
Dear Mayor Durney:
We want to thank you and the city council for taking this stand against crude oil. 
Preventing future terminals on the harbor is something we all must do if we are to keep our people and the environment safe and healthy. Please extend our sincere thanks to the councilmen and to your staff! 
While we are very grateful for the stance you have taken, Citizens for a Clean Harbor will continue our work to prevent the three proposed terminals. We concur with the statement you made: “We have far too much to lose if we don’t”.
We will, as I'm sure you will, continue to strive to make Hoquiam and Grays Harbor a better place for all of us.
Once again, thank you! 
Tammy Domike, 
Field Coordinator 
Citizens for a Clean Harbor       
If you'd like to send your own Thank You message to Mayor Durney:

Mayor Jack Durney
Phone: (360) 538-3979
Fax: (360) 532-4031


  1. Durney has put his citizens lives and his city's tax base at risk...but now he wants a 'moratorium.' Thank him if you want to, but also ask him WHY he didn't do his homework before permits were granted in the first place??

  2. Great letter, Tammy. Well spoken from your position as field coordinator for CCH. To the point and a good thanks. I will write my letter of " thanks" from citizen on the crude oil tracks, in the blast zone and on the Chehalis River. Too little and too late--he should have listened and "evolved" sooner. However, we continue the fight against 3 terminals. You don't think this is a compromise? Ha. Since I am down south, I will send letter to Mayor Durney via email; pony express and snail mail are too slow for this message. Will send copy to you, my comrades--keep up the good fight for right!