Monday, March 9, 2015

Bomb Train by Kris Kitko

Trains coming from North Dakota's Bakken oil boom are exploding all over the country--while the state's "leaders" refuse to make the cargo safer. Why? It would cost money, of course. Why mess with a nice state surplus when it'll probably just be someone else's problem?

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They’d rather see your family barbequed than stabilize a train of Bakken crude
Step right up, see whatcha get playin’ Bakken train roulette—
They’d rather see your family barbecued

Cross your fingers, Casey’s on his way—through your town every night & day
Don’t worry, tracks are made of steel and god bless every single wheel
Through your town every night and day

I wonder who they’ll pick to place the blame when the wrong town goes up in flames
They’ll take their fingers outta the pot to point at someone else’s fault
When the wrong town goes up in flames

This ain’t Hiroshima, this ain’t Nagasaki;
This is Bakken bomb trains blowin’ up your country
This ain’t "turbaned terrorists"; this ain’t just some tragedy
This is greedy good ol boys blowing up your country

The thing is we don’t have to let these guys fatten wallets, sacrifice our lives
People, we could vote ‘em out, but god forbid we rock the boat
Fatten wallets, sacrificing lives

To a fireball, you’re just a marshmallow; stop, drop, & roll—you scare crows
Boats and mansions don’t come cheap; how dare we have the nerve to speak
Stop, drop, and roll, you scarecrows

Methane, butane, propane on your mom
Father, sister, daughter, brother, son
To them the decision’s easy: it’s either them or me, you see:
Father, sister, daughter, brother, son

Plan ahead for when it’s that November;
Who threw you under the train, remember?
Bakken, Bakken on the wall, who’s the most corrupt of all?
Who threw you under the train remember? Who threw you under the train remember?

Editor note:  song writer Kris Kitco comments on her lyrics-

Here in ND , the 'ol boys are constantly talking about "terrorists in turbans" trying to destroy freedom and our country with their plans to dominate the energy industry, complete with evil plots of one kind or another. Well, what I'm getting at here is that the Bakken bomb trains aren't the work of these "terrorists" they always talk about. It's the work of the good 'ol boys themselves!  

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