Tuesday, March 10, 2015

HB 1449 Oil Bill Passes House, Support SB 5087 in Senate NOW!

Oil Bill Passes House – what’s next?

Late last Thursday, the House passed the Oil Transportation Safety Now bill (HB 1449) with bipartisan support – a 60-38 vote.

This would not have happened without you. Thank you for all the emails, calls, letters, and in person visits – they made the difference. We are now one step closer to updating our laws to protect our communities and waterways. Will you take a minute to thank your Representatives if they voted in support?

But we’re not over the finish line yet.

Next, the Oil Transportation Safety Now bill moves to the Senate. To make progress there, it needs to be heard in their Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Committee.

Will you help make that happen? Email your Senator and tell them that a bill to protect our waterways and communities has received bipartisan support and deserves a hearing.

In the past few weeks, the threat that we face from oil trains and tankers has been more and more apparent – with derailments in Illinois, West Virginia, and Ontario. While this bill won’t prevent all accidents, it’s an essential first step forwards making us safer.

Tell the Senate it deserves a hearing.

Thank you!

Click here to support HB 1449/SB5087 
it's a good idea to add the SB5087 detail to the Subject line of the email to your Senator.

Other news:

Port of Longview commissioners reject Haven Energy lease on 3-0 vote

Port of Longview commissioners unanimously rejected the proposed Haven Energy propane export terminal Tuesday morning, voicing concerns about the safety and the true economic impact of the $300 million project.

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