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Enbridge tank fire- no permits, no safety plan

Fire destroys oil storage tanks

Enbridge tank fire- no permits, no safety plan

By Amy Robinson   Farmer Staff Writer  McKenzie County Farmer 01/06/15

On Jan. 1, a call came into law enforcement at approximately 9:25 p.m., reporting an explosion and fire at an Enbridge-owned property, roughly 9.25 miles north of Alexander, off U.S. Highway 85.
The explosion took place when one of Tidal Energy, LLC’s truck operators was on site loading crude oil. Tidal Energy, LLC is a subsidiary of Enbridge, currently leasing property from the Canadian-based company.

The Alexander Fire Department, Arnegard Fire Department, Williston Rural Fire Department, first responders,  McKenzie County Sheriff’s deputies, and McKenzie County Emergency Services Manager, all responded to the incident.

According to Lance Powell, Alexander Fire chief and Karolin Rockvoy, McKenzie County Emergency Services manager, Tidal Energy, LLC did not have a work permit,  an emergency operation plan in place, or a water source to extinguish the fire. Because Tidal Energy, LLC did not have an emergency operation plan, firefighters and first responders had to follow their own safety plan.

“It’s dangerous,” said Rockvoy. “These first responders are having to follow a general safety plan because this company didn’t have a safety plan or a permit. Their guys didn’t know the first thing to do. The first responders are putting their lives in jeopardy and I don’t want anyone hurt, especially my first responders. That’s my number one goal - to keep them safe.”

McKenzie County safety officials want the public to know what happens when there is an oil fire or explosion, and they want oil companies to not only know what to do, but to work with the counties in obtaining the necessary permits, have an emergency operation plan established, and a functioning water source on site.

“None of these guys have permits here,” said Powell. “I put stop orders up back in October, and only two companies complied and got permits. The seven others did nothing and they still don’t have permits. And I know that Tidal Energy, LLC hasn’t even gone through the state because they aren’t even on the state’s map. It’s frustrating when these companies come out here, don’t get permits, and think they can do whatever they want. I think they should be shut down until they go through all the proper channels.” ..... more here


North Dakota Producers Looking at Crude Falling to $30

Tuesday, December 30, was the last time that the posted price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil topped $50 a barrel. That price indicated how much Plains Marketing, a division of Plains All American Pipeline L.P. (NYSE: PAA), was willing to pay for a barrel of WTI crude. On Monday, January 5, Plains said it would pay $46.25 per barrel for WTI. Indeed, $40 oil is already here.

Crude prices on the NYMEX fell below $50 a barrel briefly on Monday, but managed to close the trading day at $50.04. Tuesday morning the price fell to $48.47 in early electronic trading.

The really bad news is the price that Plains Marketing is offering to pay for crude oil produced in the Bakken shale play. Williston Basin Sweet (equivalent to WTI) fetched just $33.44 a barrel on Monday; Williston Basin Sour fetched just $24.33. No other grade of crude on the Plains price bulletin was priced lower than Williston Sour....   more here

He threatened a Lac Megantic disaster if we don’t accept Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

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