Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ND may require crude volatiles removal/ NY groups seek ban on DOT-111s


North Dakota crude safety standards coming in November

By Ernest Scheyder    Oct 27 (Reuters)

- North Dakota plans to issue new rules for the treatment of crude oil on Nov. 13, with regulators leaning away from any requirement specifying whether volatile components should be removed at the well site or a regional hub, so long as they are removed before transport, a state official said on Monday.... 

...The North Dakota Industrial Commission, the state's main oil regulator, plans to issue the standards at its November hearing, and these rules likely will take effect on Jan. 1.....  read more here

Legal petition seeks NY ban on outdated rail cars

The Legislative Gazette  By MARY ESCH, The Associated Press   10/27/14

A coalition of environmental groups and Albany residents filed a legal petition last week seeking a ban on older model rail tanker cars carrying volatile crude oil from North Dakota to the Port of Albany, citing their history of rupturing and exploding in a series of catastrophic derailments.

The petition, filed by a group represented by Earthjustice, asks Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens to issue an order prohibiting receipt and storage of crude in DOT-111 tank cars at the port, which has become a hub for rail shipments of North Dakota's Bakken crude bound for coastal refineries.....

....The petition argues that federal transportation law wouldn't apply in this case because the abatement order would be against the two companies receiving the oil and transloading it onto Hudson River barges, not against the rail carriers. ...  read more here

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