Friday, October 10, 2014

Harbor GOP ok with "safe" Bakken crude/ Train cars that burned in Sask. same as Lac-Mégantic

If they'd done their homework, they would know that "safe and clean" and Bakken crude are mutually exclusive (can't occur at the same time).

Grays Harbor Republican Party endorses “responsible” crude by rail

Grays Harbor Republican Party The Grays Harbor Republican Party is supporting safe and clean crude oil shipments through the Port of Grays Harbor.

The party this week passed a resolution called the “Resolution in Favor of True Economic Development in Grays Harbor County” supporting all private, for-profit businesses willing to locate and maintain operations in the county. Including energy companies of all types, the resolution specifically lists crude-by-rail and coal-by-rail.

The resolution also called on elected and appointed officials to state their support of the same.
Attached is the complete GHGOP Resolution –.... more here

train probe

Two tanker cars carrying petroleum products caught fire in the derailment, the TSB says.

Train cars that burned in Sask. same type as at Lac-Mégantic: TSB

Transportation Safety Board has urged safety upgrades to Class 111 tank cars

CBC News   Oct 09, 2014 

The railcars that split open and burned in Tuesday's derailment near Clair, Sask., were Class 111, the same kind involved in the Lac-Mégantic disaster, CBC News has learned.

Rob Johnston, who is overseeing the federal Transportation Safety Board's investigation into the derailment, said seven of the cars travelling with the train were Class 111, a type that the board has said need safety upgrades.

Six of them were carrying hazardous products — hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and petroleum distillates (a Varsol-type substance).

"The two that were carrying petroleum distillates did end up eventually releasing their products, and that was probably the source of the fire," Johnston said..... read more here

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