Friday, October 24, 2014

Alberta CBR terminal loses deal/ California terminal to shut down

Canexus Corp's Alberta crude-by-rail terminal loses deal after delay
Reuters   By Nia Williams  10/23/14

Terminal operator Canexus Corp said on Thursday an unnamed midstream company cancelled its contract to ship two unit trains per week from Western Canada's first dedicated crude-by-rail facility.

Canexus did not name the company, which signed a take-or-pay agreement in December 2013, and said the contract was cancelled after delays in connecting the crude-by-rail terminal to the Cold Lake pipeline system....

... .The Bruderheim terminal near Edmonton, Alberta, was planned as a 70,000 barrel-per-day facility but as a result only has contracted volumes for up to four units trains per week, roughly 40 percent of its capacity. In a unit train, all of the cars travel from the same origin to the same destination.

It is the latest set-back for the troubled Bruderheim terminal, which was put up for sale over the summer....  read more here

Facing lawsuit, California oil train terminal to shut down

The Columbian   By 10/23/14

A legal victory in California this week over crude oil operations could have a spillover effect, emboldening critics of crude-by-rail shipments to press their concerns in other jurisdictions.

Earthjustice, a San Francisco-based environmental group, won its battle to halt crude oil train operations in the state as InterState Oil Co., a Sacramento fuel distributor, agreed to stop unloading train shipments of crude oil next month at the former McClellan Air Force Base.

Sacramento County's top air quality official said his agency mistakenly skirted the state's environmental rules by issuing a permit for the operation.

Earthjustice contended the Sacramento air quality district should not have granted InterState a permit to transfer crude oil from trains to tanker trucks bound for Bay Area oil refineries without a full environmental impact review.

The court reversal in California could bolster efforts by environmental groups to slow or stop crude-by-rail projects elsewhere, particularly in Washington state. A proposed terminal in Vancouver would transfer oil from trains to tanker ships that could supply California refineries.....

.... "We have been seeing local authorities blindly approve crude-by-rail projects without being open with the public and without considering the full effects"..... read more here

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