Saturday, October 4, 2014

Oil Transport Study: Governor Inslee Hires Fox to Study Coop


Hat tip to the eagle eyes of Dan Leahy!

Per the Dept. of Ecology: In April 2014, the Washington State Legislature directed and funded a proviso requiring the Department of Ecology, in consultation with the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC), Washington Military Department’s Emergency Management Division, the Federal Railroad Administration, and the Washington Department of Transportation, to conduct a study on marine and rail oil transportation. In June 2014, Governor Inslee issued an Oil Transport Directive to Ecology outlining key components to be addressed.

The draft Marine & Rail Transportation Study was released October 1, 2014 

So who got paid to do the study? On page three one finds:
     Spill consultants, marine and naval consultants, etc. Then we find Mainline Management, Inc., the one railroad consultant.

Mainline's principals:

David Hatzenbuhler. 1979-1995. BNSF. Various Corporate positions, focus on western, northwest.
Eric Lyman. 1980-1997. BNSF. Various corporate positions. Reopening of Stampede pass.
Robert Patten. 1983-1999. BNSF. Various corporate positions.

Mainline's Associate Consultants:

John Carnahan. Retired from BNSF 2000.
David Mahler. Retired from BNSF.
John Beacom. Retired from BNSF 1999.

Mainline's Clients:   BNSF, of course, the Port of Vancouver and the Washington Public Ports Association (WAPA), among others.

Map of Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) rail in Washington and other NW states.

Certainly they will tell us how Warren Buffet wants us to serve his interests. What's good for Washington? do you really think they care?

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