Monday, June 8, 2015

Oil by Rail: expediting another way for firefighters to die


A fireball at the site of an oil train derailment near Casselton, N.D., on Dec. 30, 2013. The derailment forced 1,400 residents to evacuate for several days.   AP photo

Our petrochemical obsession: Rueing all that burns

A modest mitigation proposal for what is essentially human sacrifice for those who put out our fires. 


  1. So, as for New York, and so in Washington are a few crude oil derailments going to break the bank--subsequently it seems our retirement systems. This reasoning and logical connection should be enough to say, "Halt the trains, let's think about this." Alas, no, I don't think there could be another county such as Grays Harbor that has worked to hard to voice reason and the reasons--all documented, all bad for stopping 3 oil terminals and 110 crude oil trains a month. Apparently our Governor does not know of these risks and dangers of being in the sacrifice zone. If only his staff would tell him what is going on here--especially now that we have learned a few too many oil mishaps and what? Our retirement system could go bankrupt. One more risk for the public--none for the oil companies. This is too crazy...really! More absurd that the oil trains come, wreaking havoc all the way through and to those in the sacrifice zone. Even before learning the chances of the retirement systems go belly up--the cost of this venture was far to high.

  2. Inslee doesn't know?? if so he's too incompetent to be governor. If not- he's too corrupt.