Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why Won’t Obama Stand Up To Big Oil?

Pap and Seder: Why Won’t Obama Stand Up To Big Oil?

Gary Bentley    Ring Of Fire
President Obama recently proposed the sale of millions of acres of the Atlantic shelf to the oil industry, giving them unprecedented access to Atlantic oil reserves. This presents obvious dangers of an offshore oil spill in an area highly dependent upon both the fishing and tourism industries.

Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder talk about the dangers of this proposal, and why the President is even bothering bowing down to the oil industry.

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Lobbyists Spend BIG       Feb 11, 2015
The five oil companies that control 45% of refinery capacity in the U.S. spent exorbitant amounts of money lobbying for the Keystone XL pipeline. It paid off today as the House passed the Keystone-XL pipeline bill.

14 leaking oil cars removed from BNSF train
A train hauling crude oil across Idaho and  Washington last month had to have 14 leaking tank cars removed at three different stops before it reached its destination at an Anacortes refinery.


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