Monday, February 9, 2015

Washington's Top Greenhouse-Gas Emitters

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December 17, 2014
                                                h/t Tom Glade and Laura Ackerman

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  1. So, my queston is: Exactly how does the governor's plan to charge big polluters,as well as small reduce the carbon emissions in Washington State?? The small can't afford it and will go broke--such as Terry Willis' small operation in Grays Harbor. For emitting these astounding numbers of carbons/green house gases, these companies pay money. So? What a ruse! It doesn't decrease carbon emissions--the state makes money from the current CO2 emitted. Am I wrong in my thinking here? Looks like the State of Washington stands to make a lot of money from polluters in the name of carbon reduction! No wonder they open their arms to billions of gallons of crude oil, here. Shameful--all connected. Could someone please explain how this works because it smells a little funny to me...rotten? Again, how does charging for emissions reduce emissions?