Monday, June 9, 2014

Pipeline on Wheels- Crude-by-rail rolls into American cities

Map of major freight lines and major accidents since 2012.
Earth Justice   June, 2014

In March of 2014, Andrés Soto confirmed his nagging fears: Mile-long trains loaded with highly explosive crude oil had been rolling through his hometown of Richmond, California, unannounced, since the previous September.

Soto, a longtime activist and organizer for Communities for a Better Environment, had previously heard about the oil industry's push to bring crude-by-rail to the west coast. In late January, his organization came across an industry report highlighting the local rail yard's intentions to allow the practice. The following month, crude-by-rail popped back up on Soto's radar after a woman from La-Mégantic, Quebec, spoke to Richmond residents about how her town was destroyed after 63 tankers filled with explosive crude oil derailed and exploded, creating a fireball that killed 47 people.

Though the woman's eyewitness account terrified him, Soto figured he would deal with the issue if and when it came to Richmond. He assumed, as most people would, that local residents would get plenty of time and opportunity to weigh in on any decision to allow crude-by-rail next to their homes, schools and businesses.

He was wrong.            continued here 
and closer to home:

BNSF mixes a loaded oil train with a stadium full of fans. 

 With perhaps 40,000 people heading out into the city, this train came barreling past within just a few yards of Safeco Field.



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