Sunday, June 15, 2014

Grays Harbor Citizens Speak Out Against Crude

ED NOTE:  The editor of the Vidette recently penned an editorial for the newspaper concerning the “anonymous” supporters of bringing in the proposed oil trains to Grays Harbor.  It was not without a certain amount of controversy.  Some took issue with his giving status to those unwilling to sign their names.   Today, June 12th, 2014, a group of approximately 50 local Grays Harbor citizens met at the Furford building in Aberdeen Wa., for a talk by Knoll Lowney, an attorney, who spoke on the legal issues surrounding the coming oil trains.  We will be posting that meeting in another posting.
After the meeting, I asked those willing to come up to the camera to introduce themselves, say a bit about their opposition to the oil trains.  The video could have gone on much longer….but I think the point is made.

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