Saturday, June 28, 2014

DOT-111 Parade Floats

I'll update this as I gather more pictures.

5/17 They aren't very heavy to carry over from the Bike store across the street, but when a gust of wind hits you, it can really shove you around.
28" box with end flaps removed, ready to be scored into 7" panels.

5/18 I can only get 2 endcaps per box. Luckily, LaVogue Bike Shop is happy to not have to put the flats into his recycle dumpster.

Here they are with the head holes cut out.

5/19 Waiting for the paper packaging tape so I can glue these together. Taps toe impatiently.
5/21 The tape finally arrives late Tuesday, so I start taping on Wednesday.

Nothing like waiting for your tape to dry...

 I will be taping on the inside, and then down the long score folds to 
reinforce them.

I've left the bottom flaps free, the wheels will attach there somehow. I'm thinking pin-wheels from the dollar store spray painted black. 
Any other ideas for wheels?

 Arnie models a tanker for us

6/7 Paint Party!!!

Laminated contents labels and veg platter wheels are attached:

6/28 The Big Day!
Aberdeen Founder's Day Parade
And it's pouring! We make quick with the tarps:

 Soggy, but ready to go!

 Looks like a derailment!

Thanks to Gary for this video!

Tori, at our Info Booth!

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