Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday, Monday

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Al Smith vs. Vickie Raines choices Grays Harbor can live with

Al Smith is a completely different kind of candidate and has no name recognition among the average voter.  It’s two in the morning and raining. Your car won’t start and you are twenty miles out of town and need jumper cables. Al is the guy I would call. Oh sure, as he rumbles up in his old truck and robe and slippers he will curse and yell at you for not having your own jumper cables. “Do you know what time it is!!!!” kind of statements. Grumble, get you started, and drive home. But he WILL come. That is Al Smith.

  Gov. Inslee should call a halt to all new oil infrastructure
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Gov. Patrick is a lone voice at the moment. But he won’t remain so for long. If Jay Inslee is to be true to himself — and taken seriously on climate — he will have to join the Massachussetts governor. The coal industry has been crying “Uncle!” lately, begging for help, because it knows it is losing the battle. There’s an excellent chance that Washington will follow Oregon's lead and reject coal export facilities. If we also refuse to turn our beautiful state into a gateway for dirty and explosive Bakken oil, it will get harder and harder for other states to rubber-stamp dirty energy business-as-usual — and maybe a little bit easier to find a way out of this mess.

GUEST EDITORIAL – The Responsibilities of Leadership and Citizenship – Claudia Woodward-Rice
Claudia Woodward-Rice lives in Central Park and is Treasurer of the Al Smith for Commissioner District #3 campaign.  

Crews Working to Rerail Train in West Tulsa
A train derailed around 21st and Union in West Tulsa Saturdayevening.
Joe Faust with Burlington Northern Railway Company said train cars were in the process of being transferred when 10 derailed. Six of those train cars were empty, four were loaded, with one car holding hazardous materials.

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  1. Quite a compilation of local and national items here Tammy! The Monte blog also reports today that railroad company Genesee and Wyoming is finally starting to clean up the mess left by Derailment #4....perhaps motivated by his announcement of a Train Wreck Picnic for next Saturday?