Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Could You Get Blown Up by an Oil Train Crash in Seattle? Check This Map

The Stranger Posted by on Fri, Jul 18, 2014


The red area shows the half-mile Department of Transportation (DOT) evacuation zone for oil train derailments, according to ForestEthics. Yellow shows the one-mile DOT "potential impact zone in case of oil train fire."


Seattle is the fastest growing city in the country. Little do the hordes (at least regionally, according to polls) flocking to our town know, however, that our attractive quality of life comes with the hidden risk of sudden incineration by explosion.

The map above, assembled by the environmentalists at ForestEthics, shows the federal evacuation and "impact" zones in the event of an oil train derailment in Seattle, tracking the path of our railroads......
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The national, interactive version of the map is here  plus a petition to Pres. Obama:

Tell President Obama & Congress: Get Exploding Oil Trains Off the Tracks

Oil train explosions and spills threaten millions of Americans. Safety standards lag far behind the massive increase in oil train traffic; now it’s time to protect our families. President Obama and Congress must act to take dangerous oil trains off the tracks.

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