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Honoring Lac-Megantic Honoring Tribes, Honoring the Earth

Baby Boeings Emerge From Aquatic Birthing Environment

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Cleanup begins at MRL derailment near Superior

SUPERIOR – Equipment arrived on scene Wednesday afternoon to disentangle the wreckage of 23 freight cars that derailed above the Clark Fork River early in the day four miles east of Superior.....The derailment happened at a “very remote location,” she added. “It’s going to take a certain amount of strategization to get those cars out of there.”Officials estimated the Rail Link main line will remain closed until Friday morning.

BTS Publications (Alphabetical List)

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Oil leaks from derailed train in Alberta

WHITECOURT, Alta. - At least one oil tanker is leaking after five cars derailed on a CN train near Whitecourt, Alberta, Friday morning.Three of the cars contain crude oil. One contains methanol, a highly combustable solvent and fuel.No injuries or fires were reported.

CBR obstacles vary, but multiply

Pushback against crude-by-rail (CBR) oil shipments continues to develop in a variety of ways, from local protests to looming action from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).BNSF Railway already has noted it will protest any decision to limit CBR trains to 30 mph top speeds. BNSF has said it would need to divert $2.8 billion in capital funding, which it calls an "unfunded investment mandate," to compensate for difficulties resulting in a 30 mph restriction on CBR trains.

No permit, no pipeline.

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Friends,Last weekend TransCanada’s permit for Keystone XL in South Dakota expired. They now no longer have a permit to build in 2 states — Nebraska, and South Dakota. The South Dakota permit was issued way back in 2010 when Keystone XL was supposedly a done deal, and 4 years was thought to be plenty of time to build the pipeline. Since then, a historic national alliance of farmers, ranchers, tribal leaders and climate activists have stopped Keystone XL in its tracks, and as of today the pipeline is stopped for at least another calendar year, if not forever.As the permit expired, the Cowboy Indian Alliance hosted a cookout along the pipeline route to celebrate yet another setback for Keystone. I hope you take a little bit of time to celebrate the progress we’ve made together as well — you’ve certainly earned it.We can’t be sitting on our laurels, however. In the coming months, we need to press our advantage and confront Big Oil and the tar sands in every way possible.

Trains Filled with Explosive Crude Oil Will Stop

Traveling Through St. Louis

Trains filled with the same explosive oil that leveled a Canadian town will no longer run through the city of St. Louis, much to the relief of St. Louis' fire chief and a group of residents organizing against the tankers."We just won round one," says Timothy Christian, a member of the newly formed St. Louis for Safe Trains, a group composed of mostly Holly Hills residents who first fought back against the dangerous trains. "I brag about the south side all the time. This is what is right. This is what needed to be fixed."

Rail Workers Raise Doubts About Safety As Oil Trains Roll On

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Curtis Rookaird thinks BNSF Railway fired him because he took the time to test his train’s brakes....The black, cylindrical tank cars held hazardous materials like propane, butane and carbon monoxide. The plan was to move the train just more than two miles through three public crossings and onto the main track. Rookaird and the other two crew members were convinced the train first needed a test of its air brakes to guard against a derailment.But that kind of test can take hours. A BNSF trainmaster overheard Rookaird talking over the radio about the testing. He questioned if it was necessary. The crew was already behind schedule that day.

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