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Pacific NW medical pros call oil-by-rail a bad Rx- and more

BNSF Crude Oil Train

Pacific NW medical pros call oil-by-rail a bad Rx

Wendy Culverwell      May 11, 2015   Portland Business Journal

More than 300 health care professionals have joined a coalition calling on Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee to deny permits for new and expanded oil-by-rail facilities in both states.

Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility and Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility say the proposed projects would lead to a dramatic increase in the number of oil trains crisscrossing the region and by extension, aggravate asthma, worsen heart and lung issues and create dangerous situations for people living near the tracks.

Regna Merritt, campaign director in Oregon, called it a public health threat.

The threat from oil train derailments is one element. Others include the health impacts of increased diesel emissions from locomotives contributes on asthma, heart and lung disease.

“These issues hit on so many levels,” she said.

The coalition says that if all the proposed new or expanded oil terminals are built, oil train traffic will rise to more than 130 trains per week, from 19 currently.

Generally, the Northwest is being hit by a wave of fossil fuel infrastructure projects meant to move coal, oil and gas from Midwestern and Canadian oil fields to the coast....

... The group has developed a peer-reviewed position statement it plans to submit as part of the Environmental Impact Statement prepared for each of the proposed projects....    more here

Vandalism on inactive rail line used to justify oil train secrecy

...In its rule, the department cited an investigation ....into an act of vandalism reported last December in Vivian, S.D.

According to investigators, a two-foot section of rail on the state-owned Dakota Southern Railway was blown out with tannerite, an explosive used in target practice that can be purchased at sporting goods stores.

In its rule, the department notes that “widespread access to security sensitive information could be used for criminal purposes when it comes to crude oil by rail transportation.”

But not only is the track through Vivian not used for oil trains, it hasn’t been used by any train for years.....    more here

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