Thursday, June 2, 2016

Shared Waters, Shared Values

The Quinault Indian Nation invites everyone to come to Hoquiam for a March on City Hall and Rally.

Quinault Indian Tribe is organizing a demonstration and rally in Grays Harbor on Friday, July 8 opposing the crude oil terminal at the port. They would appreciate it if a 1000 people showed up for that day. Things are just getting worked out but they've opened it to other tribes and their canoe families - come one, come all to stand with Quinault and show solidarity.

You can RSVP at Stand Up To Oil's action link.

Boats can enter the water at the 28th Street Landing and paddle over to the new dock at 9th Street, to come ashore at 1:30pm. Be sure to stay for the traditional Seafood dinner and tee-shirt!

This is, of course, the driving map. Google doesn't show canoeing directions.

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