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"crude oil is bad for fish"


Fish deformities spiked after Lac-Mégantic oil spill, report says

via Hamilton Spectator
MONTREAL Scientists have recorded an "unprecedented" spike in the fish deformities in the wake of the deadly 2013 train derailment and oil spill in Lac-Mégantic, Que., according to a provincial government report.
The report into the effects of the disaster on the 185-km-long Chaudière River, which begins in Lac Mégantic, found that in some parts of the river as many as 47 per cent of the fish they collected had an external deformation.
The rate of deformations greatly surpassed that recorded in a similar fish population study in 1994. The study also found a "marked drop" in the river's fish biomass, or total weight.
"There is no hypothesis other than the oil spill of July 6, 2013 that can explain these results," says the report, which got little attention when it was released last November. It was brought to wider attention Wednesday when resurrected by Montreal's Le Devoir newspaper.

The Train Derailment That Gushed Oil Into A Quebec River
Has Spawned Freaky Fish

via Vice News
By Jake Bleiberg February 11, 2016 | 9:00 am

Two-and-a-half years after a train carrying millions of gallons of crude oil derailed and exploded in the small Quebec town of Lac-Mégantic, scientists are finding deformities in the fish living in nearby rivers.
That's led the government to a revelation: crude oil is bad for fish.

No shit.
What is shocking, however, is the extent of the problem: the rate of the deformations in one sample was found to be ten times higher than normal.---------------Normally such abnormalities are found in fewer than five percent of fish and back in 1994 their occurrence was even lower in the Chaudière, the report states. But in the year following the oil spill the river's fish showed much higher rates of deformity — with two samples reaching 35 and 47 percent. The study also noted a significant drop in river's fish biomass, or collective weight.
"In addition to being much higher than in 1994, the rate of anomalies in the Chaudière River in 2014 significantly exceeded what is generally observed in all other waterways of Quebec," the report states. "These high rates are attributable, in all likelihood, to the July 2013 oil spill."Although the spilled oil still seems to be affecting the fish, the waters of the Chaudière are largely free of it and the scope and concentration of oil in the riverbed has fallen significantly since 2013. The persistent impact on the fish didn't surprise Isabelle Picard, an aquatic biologist, who said toxins in the sediments where fish spawn are a major driver of deformities.
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4a) From Brandy – Climate Truth  (OMG – hard to believe..-L)
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8a) From Lynne -  Please Join Wild Earth Guardians
9a) From David - Oil Change
“…Right now, communities across Iowa are in a pitched battle against the fossil fuel industry. At stake is ANOTHER massive oil pipeline cutting across the heartland of the United States. It’s called the ‘Dakota Access’ pipeline and, if built, would further incentivize decades of Bakken shale oil development. …”
10a) From Matt Petryni – RE Sources – (interesting twist…-L)
1b) From Tom:
“UPDATE: 'End of an Era': Arch joins list of nearly 50 coal bankruptcies since 2012”
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My emails happen when information hits a critical mass, or when an action/event is imminent. Sometimes information comes to me with little time to spare. I do my best to be accurate and try to send out responsible information.  At times, events get changed, or the internet connection gets hung up, but I try to stay on top of problems. I welcome your input and hope you find this list a way to stay connected and informed. If the emails get to be burdensome, you may unsubscribe following the link at the bottom of the petition email.If your name gets dropped by accident, simply re-sign the petition. The SignOn system eliminates duplicate signatures. SignOn manages the list, so I have no power to add or subtract a name. I may not fund raise, and the system is unable to accommodate attachments, pdf-s, or pictures.

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