Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sightline Institute research update and video of Grays Harbor DEIS protest

New research from Sightline Institute 

Hi there Northwest fossil fuel fighters, 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on Sightline’s research, and we’ve published a few gems recently that I suspect many of you will enjoy.

First, a pair of post-election analyses, one on the influence of coal money in Whatcom County and the other on the growing importance of elected port officials: 

Next, a pair of examinations of the deteriorating conditions for would-be coal exporters:
  • Cloud Peak’s Coal Exports: The Red Ink Keeps Flowing: Blocking coal ports prevented a financial disaster for Big Coal. (By Clark Williams-Derry)

    Then, a second set of infographics that distill key findings from research reports on the risk of oil in Grays Harbor:

    ·         The High Costs of a Grays Harbor Oil Spill, Part 2: Oil shipments jeopardize millions of dollars in tourism and fishing revenues for the bay. (By Tarika Powell)

    Finally, for those tired of reading, a 45-minute radio segment on the latest developments in the Northwest: 

    ·         Sightline on Exxon, Climate Denialism, and Portland’s Role in the Thin Green Line: Listen to an in-depth conversation on the Northwest's fight against fossil fuels. (By Eric de Place and Nick Abraham)

    Happy Tuesday!

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